How to Join Ryanism

The Ideological Thought on The Church of Ryanism is very simple to join since the only requirement is that you want to. Once you do join you may refer to yourself as a Ryanist. Though some other close collaborators of Ryanism apply to be called Ryanists without knowing of Ryanism. The Church of Aurora is a very close collaborator. Darzonians have forfeited the ability by choice to join Ryanism, yet they associate with Ryanism. Another way to join Ryanism on a greater level is to follow all the Social Media accounts and continue support for them. To show your pride for Ryanism you can work to spread the name of Ryanism in a neutral to positive light.

For the current Time period to more officalize your joining of Ryanism download this photo and write your name where it says to. These will change as time goes on. You may reprint these whenever. :)